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Imagine what a bookshop in Harry Potter's Diagon Alley would look like, and you'll probably come up with something close to Leakey's Bookshop, Inverness. We don't feature run-of-the-mill shops here on SOBT, but set one foot inside the heavy wooden doors of this former church and you should immediately see why this one is special. Tottering towers of musty pages everywhere you can see, secret corners and crannies everywhere you can't, and someone in the middle desperately (we imagine) trying to keep stock of it all. Oh - and a huge wood-burning stove in the centre, hopefully far enough away from the bookshelves. This is the biggest second hand book store in Scotland, and you should schedule a visit if you're spending a day in Inverness (especially if it's raining).

Location & info

📌 Leakey's Bookshop ★★
Church Street, 5-min walk northwest of Inverness railway station, G.R.: NH 665455 ///party.added.park
Open Monday to Saturday | Free (it's a shop!)


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