Walk: Brora beach, broch & Dunrobin Castle

[Approaching Dunrobin Castle from the coast]

The coastline between Brora and Golspie offers up one of the most varied coastal walks you can find in Scotland, taking you across fine sandy beaches (with seals if you're lucky) and past a 2,000 year old broch on the way to the 189 rooms of Dunrobin Castle, one of the UK's most amazing houses. Beautiful woodland follows, taking you to Golspie where there's further opportunity for refreshment and a train back to the start. With so much to see, allow a full day... but check train times before you go!

[Brora west beach]

📌 Walk: Brora beach, broch & Dunrobin Castle ★★★
▶ 13 km / 6 miles | ▲ 200 metres | ⌚ Full day walk
Points of interest: Brora & beach; Carn Liath; Dunrobin Castle; Golspie
Start: Brora train station, G.R.: NC 907041 ///wider.prominent.amount
Finish: Golspie train station, G.R.: NH 826998 ///rooks.haven.enlighten
Transport to start / from finish: Park in Golspie at the finish and take a train to Brora at the start. Trains only run a few times daily - depending on timing it may be better to park at Brora and take the train back at the end of the day instead.
Anything else? Brora's beaches look better at low tide, when you've also better chances of seeing seals. Check tide times when planning your visit.

Route: Start & Brora - Brora west beach - Carn Liath - enter Dunrobin woods at G.R.: NC 857010 - Dunrobin Castle - Tower Lodge via Dunrobin Castle grounds - Golspie & station
Terrain: Mostly good coast paths (or sandy beach at start, depending on tide), affected by coastal erosion in places. Forest paths and tracks through Dunrobin Castle grounds.
Wildlife today: Dozens of seals on the beach near Brora; cows grazing freely near the broch; wild peregrine falcon at Dunrobin Castle alongside the bird of prey display!
Weather today: Spectacular improvement from cool, overcast conditions at the start, to unbroken sunshine and temperatures well into the 20s by Dunrobin Castle.

>> Carn Liath ★☆☆
>> Dunrobin Castle ★★★

[Toadstool in Dunrobin Castle grounds]

Route map

Route credit: Scotland off the beaten track


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