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[Whaligoe Steps]

The Whaligoe (Whale Geo) Steps aren't any old steps. They're an incredible feat of 18th or 19th century engineering, constructed to enable fisherman to descend an otherwise vertical cliff face to reach their boats in the sheltered inlet below. Volunteers have since kept them from falling into disrepair, but take your head for heights as you descend, remembering that you have to re-ascend them all (approximately one for every day of the year) on your return. Only after making the full trip to the bottom can you begin to appreciate what an amazing and unlikely fishing location this really was. There aren't any signposts showing the way - see below for some brief directions. Good to combine with the Cairn of Get, a short walk away.

[Whale Geo - view from the bottom of the steps]

Location & info

📌 Whaligoe Steps ★★★★
Whale Geo, off the A9 at Whaligoe village, G.R.: ND 321402 ///circus.risk.bounded
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Directions (a step-by-step guide, perhaps?)

When driving north through the few houses at Whaligoe on the A9, turn sharply right opposite the (left) signposted road for the Cairn of Get. The narrow road leads past a row of cottages to an unsigned, spacious parking area. Park here, then follow the track downhill from the entrance to the parking area, towards the house with a walled garden. Turn right at the wall, heading around the building front; rounding the corner, the steps are suddenly ahead of you.

[Remains of the fishing buildings at the base of the steps]

[Climbing back up the steps]


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