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[Wick harbour]

Once a busy herring port, Wick is one of northern Scotland's largest towns. Several main roads converge here, so you're likely to come across it sooner or later if you're exploring the region. This is an ideal destination for a rainy day, with plenty of indoor attractions. Whisky lovers will be drawn to one of Scotland's northernmost mainland distilleries, an easy walk south from the town centre. If history's your thing (and even if it isn't), don't miss the deceptively large museum, tucked down a slightly unlikely side street towards the town's harbour. Speaking of unlikely streets, Wick is home to the world's shortest street: Ebenezer Place has been officially measured at just 2.06 metres long! There are also two underappreciated local castles nearby, of which one is walkable from the centre.

[Warehouse at Pulteney Distillery]

Location & info

📌 Wick ★★★
Highland, G.R.: ND 363509 ///spared.shopping.resonates

🚶 The town sprawls but is small enough to explore on foot. A car is useful for Castle Sinclair Girnigoe.
🚌 Wick can be reached by train on the Far North Line from Inverness and Thurso. Infrequent buses also run on a similar route, with others to nearby settlements. There's a tiny airport.

See & do (<1 mi away)

📌 Pulteney Distillery ★★★
💬 Traditional distillery with an intimate interior, close to the sea which apparently influences the whisky's character.
Huddart Street; 15-min walk southeast from the town centre, G.R.: ND 367501 ///loom.body.inherits
Open Monday to Saturday, May to September; weekdays, October to April except over Christmas / New Year | £10+ depending on tour type - booking recommended (2019)

📌 Wick Heritage Museum ★★★★
💬 Maze of a museum about the town and its fishing heritage, also incorporating a small art gallery.
Bank Row, 10-min walk southeast from the town centre, G.R.: ND 366506 ///clutter.vibes.decimals
Open Monday to Saturday, Easter to October | £4 adult / 50p child (2019)

Nearby (1-3 mi away)

>> Castle of Old Wick ★★ (1 mi ↓)
>> Castle Sinclair Girnigoe ★★★ (3 mi ↑)

[View from the Castle of Old Wick]

[Each distillery's stills are unique, but Pulteney's are particularly unusual]


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