St Cyrus

Aberdeenshire | St Cyrus | Beach & nature reserve | ★★★★

[St Cyrus beach - spot the paragliders]

Eastern Angus and Aberdeenshire have a plethora of beautiful beaches to choose from, but this is one of the biggest and best. This vast expanse of sand stretches all the way to Montrose, although the River North Esk limits progress to the south for most. The "X-factor" is the inland cliffs (beyond an ancient raised beach) which provide shelter from the prevailing winds and create a pleasingly dramatic backdrop. Peregrine falcons, wildflowers, butterflies and moths are responsible for the area's designation as a National Nature Reserve. The beach is quite well-known, but with no major population centres nearby it tends to stay fairly quiet, even on rare sunny days - photo evidence provided...

[Only a few stranded jellyfish for company at St Cyrus today]

Location & info

📌 St Cyrus NNR ★★★★
By minor road 1 mi south of St Cyrus village, G.R.: NO 742634 ///swims.remake.ants
Always open | Free

[The cliffs and grassland behind the sands provide a beautiful backdrop]


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