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[Brechin Cathedral]

When is a city not a city? Answer: when it's Brechin City! The town's 13th century cathedral, complete with its 11th century round tower (which used to stand alone), is responsible for the illusions of grandeur held by the local football club (Brechin City) and other organisations. The shape of the tower is very unusual outwith Ireland - the only other two, non-Irish examples are found at Abernethy (in Kinross-shire) and on the Isle of Man.

[Stained glass window]

Location & info

📌 Brechin Cathedral & Round Tower ★★
Bishop's Close, Brechin town centre, G.R.: NO 596601 ///pegs.contain.steep
🚌 Bus to Brechin | 🚗 Car park / street parking on Church Street
Open daily (Round Tower: exterior only) | Free

[Round Tower]


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