Howe of Cromar

Aberdeenshire | Howe of Cromar | Region sights | ★★

[Migvie Kirk]

As the B9119 winds through the pass between Craiglich and Pressendye, a magnificent vista opens up over the fertile hollow ahead towards the often snowy coire of Lochnagar. Welcome to the Howe of Cromar. Quiet and tiny Tarland is the main settlement, surrounded by several historical structures with construction dates varying from 4,000 years ago to the 21st century: all free, all worth exploration.

[Brooding Lochnagar seen from the middle of Tomnaverie Stone Circle (11/11/12)]

Location & info

📌 Culsh Earth House ★★
💬 2,000 year old, 15 m underground passage (or souterrain) probably used to store grain.
By the B9119 2 mi east of Tarland, G.R.: NJ 505055 ///evolution.slicing.according
Always open | Free

📌 Migvie Church ★★
💬 Stunning restored chapel in an unassuming building - a true hidden gem.
Off minor road at Migvie (limited parking on track to churchyard - don't block gates), 4 mi west of Tarland, G.R.: NJ 437068 ///luckier.wealth.wants
Always open | Free

📌 Peel Ring of Lumphanan
💬 Tall, 13th century defensive mound with surrounding moat, set amidst rolling countryside.
By minor road 1 mi southwest of Lumphanan, G.R.: NJ 576037 ///wheat.twin.shortage
Always open | Free

📌 Tomnaverie Stone Circle ★★
💬 4,000 year old, recumbent stone circle surrounding an even older cairn, with excellent views towards Lochnagar.
By the B9094 1 mi south of Tarland, G.R.: NJ 486035 ///scream.fame.narrates
Always open | Free

[Migvie Kirk]


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