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Findochty is just one of several attractive seaside settlements scattered along the coastline between Buckie and Banff. While smaller and less well-known than some of its neighbours, the village boasts a particularly attractive harbour, backed by rows of cottages facing gable-end to the ocean in preparation for winter storms. The coastal scenery hereabouts is also excellent, with Findochty the halfway point in our walk route from Portessie to Portknockie, linked below.

[Coastal scenery around Tronach Head]


📌 Findochty ★★★
Moray, G.R.: NJ 463680 ///doing.downs.stew

🚶 After seeing the harbour, Findochty is all about the coastal walks, with enjoyable paths in both directions towards Portessie and Portknockie.
🚌 There are buses on the Buckie to Banff route, via several intervening coastal villages.

See & do (<1 mi away)

>> Walk: Fishy Findochty - on the dolphin trail ★★★

Nearby (1-3 mi away)

>> Buckie page: Buckie (2 mi ←); Gemini Explorer ★★★ (3 mi ←)
>> Walk: Whale of a time at Bow Fiddle Rock ★★★★ (2 mi →)
>> Cullen page: Cullen ★★★; Cullen Bay ★★★ (3 mi →)
>> Walk: A litter-free approach to the Bin of Cullen ★★★ (3 mi →)


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