Isle of Noss boat trips

Shetland Mainland | Lerwick | Boat trip | ★★★★

[Gannets around the Isle of Noss]

A boat trip around the Isle of Noss is an unmissable part of any holiday in Shetland if you're at all interested in birds, marine life or coastal scenery - and if you're not, why are you here? Although it's possible (via two short ferries) to walk on the island itself, the best place from which to view the island's coastline - its star attraction - is from the sea below. The 180-metre cliffs on the east side of Noss are home to 25,000 gannets and thousands of other breeding seabirds every summer, with seals basking on the surrounding skerries. Round-the-island trips generally depart from Lerwick and circumnavigate the larger island of Bressay (also with decent scenery) as well as Noss. We had an absolutely superb trip with Seabirds-and-Seals, complete with a remote-controlled, submarine camera returning close-up video of underwater life and tight corners the boat couldn't access. Sadly the company disappeared after the skipper retired, but other providers have taken up the reins.

[Noss Head's cliffs rise to 181 metres above sea level]

Location & info

📌 Isle of Noss boat trips ★★★★
Noss cliffs - the tour highlight - are at G.R.: HU 554398 ///series.stud.light
🚌 Bus to Lerwick | 🚢 Lerwick main ferry terminal (1 mi) | 🚗 Victoria Pier car park (charge)
Tours run at least daily in summer - check with individual providers | Cost varies by provider

💬 Passenger ferries usually depart from Victoria Pier, Lerwick central harbour, Shetland Mainland, G.R.: HU 478414 ///skippers.takeover.moving - operators include Shetland Seabird Tours.

[Great skua - one of hundreds hunting off the Isle of Noss]


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