[Lerwick harbour]

There's something about Lerwick. Perhaps it's all the independent shops, or the rush hour that only lasts 5 minutes, or the well-preserved broch sitting casually across the road from Tesco. Whatever it is, there's a feeling that this is an island capital far removed from the mainland, and not just geographically. The town's an excellent base for exploring Shetland, but it's easy to spend a day exploring the local streets without getting in the car. Beyond the narrow central wynds and shops there are several attractions including the bustling harbour (with a fantastic boat trip around the Isle of Noss from here), an outstanding museum and a hilltop artillery fort overlooking the Sound of Bressay.

[Clickimin Broch]

📌 Lerwick ★★☆☆
Location: G.R.: HU 478412 ///smuggled.foil.special

Within walking distance

📌 Clickimin Broch ★☆☆
Description: Blockhouse and broch prominently set on land jutting into the Loch of Clickimin.
Location: South Road, 20-min walk west from the centre, G.R.: HU 464408 ///inhabited.builds.position
Open (2019): Daily according to the website, but probably always
Cost: Free

📌 Fort Charlotte ☆☆☆
Description: Military fort built in 1665 to protect Lerwick from Dutch invaders - used during various conflicts in the following centuries but no shots ever fired.
Location: Charlotte Street, 5-min walk northwest from the centre, G.R.: HU 476416 ///sailed.quest.youths
Open (2019): Daily
Cost: Free

>> Isle of Noss boat trips ★★★☆

📌 Shetland Museum ★★☆
Description: Superb, modern and extensive museum covering all aspects of the islands' history and heritage.
Location: Hay's Dock, 10-min walk north from the centre, G.R.: HU 473418 ///narrates.graceful.enhanced
Open (2019): Daily, May to September; Tuesday to Saturday, October to April
Cost: Free

[View towards Ward of Bressay from Fort Charlotte]


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