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[Scalloway Castle]

The palpably foreboding, usually locked ruin of Scalloway Castle forms the second half of Scalloway's twin attractions - the other half being Scalloway Museum, where you can pick up the key. This castellated tower house dates to around 1600, when it was built by the much-feared Earl of Orkney and Shetland as a residence and courthouse, probably using forced labour. The low-lying nature of most other buildings around Shetland makes the structure seem even more substantial - indeed, Historic Environment Scotland assert that there's only other castle on these isles. A biblical inscription above the door used to read (in Latin), that house whose foundation is rock will stand, but will perish if it be shifting sand. By the late 17th century the castle was ruinous, though since its foundations still seem firm, its location must indeed have been chosen wisely.

[Scalloway Castle]

Location & info

📌 Scalloway Castle ★★★
Castle Street, 5-min walk southeast of Scalloway town centre, Shetland Mainland, G.R.: HU 404392 ///ferried.smug.taken
🚢 Ferry to Scalloway | 🚌 Bus to Scalloway | 🚗 Museum car park (next door)
Access by key from Scalloway Museum (see below for opening hours) or Scalloway Hotel. Closed for conservation works at time of update in April 2021. | Free


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