Scalloway Museum

Shetland Mainland | Scalloway | Museum | ★★

It may be tiny by anywhere but local standards, but Scalloway is the second best rainy-day destination on Shetland, and the largest settlement on the island's Atlantic coast. Once the capital of these far-flung isles, it definitely now plays second fiddle to larger Lerwick but boasts its own rich history. The decently large town museum is surely the place to start, focusing mainly on local events and the Shetland Bus of World War II. You can also pick up the key here for Scalloway Castle.

Location & info

📌 Scalloway Museum ★★
Castle Street, 5-min walk southeast of Scalloway town centre, Shetland Mainland, G.R.: HU 405393 ///
🚢 Ferry to Scalloway | 🚌 Bus to Scalloway | 🚗 Car park
Open daily, late January to early February & mid April to early October (2019) | £3 adult / £1 child


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