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Provan Hall is a rarity in a city which today generally lacks medieval buildings. This fortified country residence may be the oldest house in Glasgow (despite competing claims, notably from Provand's Lordship), dating from sometime during the 15th century, when it was built as a hunting lodge for the city bishops. The building now sits awkwardly close to the massive, ugly Glasgow Fort Shopping Centre, only separated by a thin wall of trees and a little lake. Considering that it's also adjacent to the M8 motorway the house is surprisingly little-known even amongst Glaswegians, with no dedicated website at the time of writing - though short tours can usually be organised upon arrival. On the plus side, it's perfectly located to combine with a shopping trip or lunch out, and unlikely to be crammed full of people even when the shopping centre next door is.

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Location & info

📌 Provan Hall ★★
Next to Glasgow Fort Shopping Centre, by M8 junction 10, Easterhouse, G.R. NS 667664 ///rear.narrow.admit
🚌 Auchinlea Road at house turnoff | 🚗 Car park
Open weekdays (2019) | Free

[Provan Hall]


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