Scotland's Secret Bunker

Fife | Crail | Historic building | ★★★

[Troywood Radar Room]

100 feet underneath innocuous-looking Fife farmscape lies one of Scotland's most unexpected and unusual tourist attractions. Originally constructed as a radar centre during World War Two, the bunker was transformed into a huge emergency shelter during the Cold War. This was designed to become Scotland's government HQ in the case of nuclear war, including 300 dormitory beds, nuclear command centre, broadcasting studio and even a chapel: all below ground and encased in two feet of concrete. Fortunately circumstances have changed and the bunker ceased to be maintained in 1992, but a visit today is nevertheless a sobering one. Although not an inexpensive one.


Location & info

📌 Scotland's Secret Bunker (Troywood) ★★★
Off the B940 3 mi west of Crail, G.R.: NO 568089 ///intensely.structure.attic
Open daily, February to November | £12.95 adult / £8.95 child

[Communications centre]


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