The Pineapple

[The Pineapple]

No prizes for guessing how this building got its name. Beyond the classic photo shot there's not much to see here - the grounds (including walled garden) are simple rather than spectacular, and the inside of the building is in use as holiday cottages. The lack of an entry fee reflects this - rare for a National Trust for Scotland property. But this is one of the UK's quirkiest buildings, so it must be seen. Built in 1761, the site now seems to be undergoing renovation and repairs, so a more substantial visitor experience might be in the offing sometime in the future.

[The building's "crown" had no purpose other than as an extravagant birthday present for the estate owner's wife

📌 The Pineapple ☆☆☆
Location: Off A905 a mile north of Airth, G.R.: NS 889885 ///summer.repeating.hinted
Open (2019): Daily
Cost: Free


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