Torwood Castle & Broch

Falkirk | Torwood | Castle & broch | ★★

[Torwood Castle tower]

Torwood is boxed in by 3 motorways near Larbert and in easy reach of most of Scotland's largest towns and cities, but few people have probably heard of it. Nor do many visit the 2,000 year-old broch easily accessed on foot through the wood that the village was named after. 16th century Torwood Castle is equally easily accessible, built by the Baillies of Castlecary. Many historic ruins in the Central Belt have either been built over or you have to pay for them; happily neither of these points apply here, although they are most definitely ruinous.

[Tappoch Broch's 2,000 year old interior fills up with ferns in summer - visit after they die back]

Location & info

📌 Tappoch Broch
Off minor road 0.5 mi west of Torwood, G.R.: NS 833850 ///state.captures.heartache
🚌 Bus to Torwood (0.5 mi) | 🚗 Track verge (see below)
Always open - best in winter / spring when vegetation is low to maximise views of the broch | Free

💬 Park near the end of the rough track leading south from the west end of Torwood at G.R.: NS 838851 ///sneezing.stages.liberated - don't block access (there's also space to park 100 m down the track, but the gate is sometimes locked). From the former, it's a 10-min uphill walk west to the broch on a slightly muddy, hard-to-follow path through forest.

📌 Torwood Castle ★★
Off minor road 0.5 mi southwest of Torwood, G.R.: NS 836844 ///sprouting.fewer.engulfing
🚌 Bus to Torwood (0.5 mi) | 🚗 Track verge (see below)
Always (exterior only) | Free

💬 Parking as for Tappoch Broch above; from here it's a 10-min walk south to the castle further along the track, gently uphill.

[South side of Torwood Castle]


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