Walk: Narnain & Ime - utterly buttery

Argyll & Bute | Arrochar Alps | Full day walk | ★★★★

[Summiting Beinn Narnain involves tackling a steep gully beneath the dramatic Spearhead]

The popular Munro of Beinn Narnain translates as the Hill of notches. Indeed, a few narrow notches help with the final steps to the craggy summit after a relentless ascent direct from Succoth at sea level. Beinn Ime is the bigger sibling and the highest point in the Arrochar Alps, translating as the Hill of butter. This perfectly describes the smooth ascent of this hill from the south, although the name actually relates to the dairy product churned here in the past. Fascinating rock architecture and excellent views of the iconic Cobbler and the rest of the Alps are ample reward for long ascents nearly adding up to the height of Ben Nevis.

[Beinn Narnain is ascended by its gentlest side]

📌 Walk: Narnain & Ime - utterly buttery ★★
▶ 14 km / 9 miles | ▲ 1330 metres
Summits: Beinn Narnain (926 metres, Munro); Beinn Ime (1011 metres, Munro) | Features: Loch Long; Narnain Boulders
Start / finish: Car park (with charge) on A83 near Succoth, G.R.: NN 295049 ///mixing.empires.thunder

Route: Car park - Cruach nam Miseag - Beinn Narnain - Bealach a' Mhaim - Beinn Ime - return to Bealach a' Mhaim - Allt a' Bhalachain - start
Terrain: Rough, steep path to Beinn Narnain may need the odd hand and is easily missed after the first hundred metres on a track. Descent to the bealach is easier; Beinn Ime reached by a soggy, faint path. Return is on an excellent path then track. Path improvements are being made to some of the rougher parts in 2018.
Wildlife today: Frogs, dragonflies and leeches (!) on the steep ascent.
Weather today: Mostly cloudy at start, becoming sunny and warm with light winds.

[Long Long at the start]

Route map

Route credit: Walkhighlands

More photos

[Dragonflies on the steep ascent]

[View over Loch Long from the ascent]


[Loch Long]

[Looking ahead to the summit]

[Summit approach]

[Having fun]

[Loch Long and The Cobbler (right) from the summit area]

[Ahead to Beinn Ime]

[Ben Lomond (left) and Beinn Narnain (right) from Beinn Ime]

[Lochs Lomond, Arklet & Katrine from Beinn Ime] 

[The descent from Beinn Ime is on an excellent path (19/7/18)]

[The Cobbler from the Narnain Boulders (19/7/18)]

[Descent alongside the Allt a' Bhalachain (19/7/18)]

[Reservoir at the top of the zig-zags (19/7/18)]

[Bench with a view over Loch Long (19/7/18)]

[Zig-zags (19/7/18)]


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