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Walk: Windy Hill - it's a breeze!

Renfrewshire |  Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park | Short walk | ★★★

A quick ascent of Windy Hill near Lochwinnoch is the easiest way to experience the solitude and views of Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park without tramping across miles of pathless moorland. The cairn on the aptly-named, open summit is made of stones carried up by local schoolchildren in the 1970s, and the views from here into the park's interior are excellent. Perhaps a candidate for a Glasgow post-work walk?

📌 Walk: Windy Hill - it's a breeze! ★★★
▶ 2 km / 1 mile | ▲ 100 metres
Summits: Windy Hill (316 metres) | Features: Muirshiel Visitor Centre
Start / finish: Car park at Muirshiel Visitor Centre, minor road end 4 miles northwest of Lochwinnoch, G.R.: NS 312632 ///expensive.moats.perch

Route: Car park & visitor centre - Monument Wood - Windy Hill - return by outward route
Terrain: Excellent paths: stony lower down, grassy near summit, occasionally steep.
Wildlife today: Woodland birds.
Weather today: Evening sunshi…

Walk: Hart Fell horseshoe - vintage Moffat Dale

Dumfries & Galloway | Moffat Hills | Full day walk | ★★★

If the Southern Uplands have a stereotype of gently rolling hills then Moffat Dale must be an exception, steep slopes rising 500 vertical metres or more on either side. After an immediate energy-sapping climb (nothing gentle about this!), the grassy ridges surrounding the tributary of Blackhope Burn form Scotland's best horseshoe route this side of the Central Belt. Hart Fell at the head of the valley is the highest summit but Saddle Yolk is the most dramatic, with a very short but airy ridge to reach it.

📌 Walk: Hart Fell horseshoe - vintage Moffat Dale ★★★
▶ 13 km / 8 miles | ▲ 890 metres
Summits: Swatte Fell (729 metres, Donald); Hart Fell (808 metres, Corbett / Donald); Under Saddle Yoke (745 metres, Donald)
Start / finish: Small layby at Blackshope cottage, A708 5 miles northeast of Moffat, G.R.: NT 147098 ///gulped.dimension.engages

Route: Layby - cross Blackhope Burn on A708 - Hang Gill north side - Black Craig - Swa…

Glasgow Southside

Glasgow | Southside | Area sights | ★★★★

Southside is the name given to the vibrant, sprawling district that's, well, south of Glasgow's city centre and the River Clyde. For an urban setting there's a surprising amount of green space. Pollok Country Park used to be the largest city park in Europe, and is home to the famous Burrell Collection and the mansion of Pollok House. On the other side of Shawlands - the suburb at the heart of Southside - the land rises to Queen's Park. Crowds descend on the northern slopes with sledges at the first hint of the white stuff, with decent views across the city from the top - and even to Ben Lomond on a clear day.

📌The Burrell Collection★★★★
Description: One of the largest private art and history collections in the world, with over 8,000 exhibits housed in a modern building (but leaky - hence refurbishment!).
Location: Middle of Pollok Country Park, G.R.: NS 555622 ///others.punks.arts
Open (2019): Closed for refurbishment until 2020.

Crookston Castle

Glasgow | Southside | Castle | ★★★

Crookston Castle's location seems a bit weird, nowadays in the middle of housing estates west of Pollok Country Park. But then you remember that this 15th century ruin easily pre-dates all the buildings around it, and its hilltop location is a sensible vantage point over the surrounding land: today, southwest Glasgow. For a ruin (and a free one at that) there's lots to explore, with ever-steepening spiral staircases and ladders accessing various rooms in the northeast tower and eventually the roof. This is a lovely bit of calm and history set in a suburban park amongst modern, everyday surroundings.

📌Crookston Castle★★★
Location: Off Towerside Crescent, Pollok, 4 miles southwest of Glasgow centre, G.R.: NS 525627 ///
Open (2019): Daily, April to September; Saturday to Wednesday, October to March
Cost: Free
Anything else? Park on Towerside Crescent; castle is a 2-min walk uphill across grass to the east.