Blair Drummond Safari Park

Stirling | Doune | Zoo | ★★★★

[Blair Drummond House]

Stirling might get wild on a Saturday night, but a few miles to the west you can get up close to the animals in broad daylight. Overlooked by Blair Drummond House, the area is a zoo-safari hybrid. The west side of the park has an extensive collection of animals including tigers, elephants and giraffes, and you can hop on a boat across a lake to an island where chimpanzees roam free(ish). On the east side, winding tarmac leads through various large enclosures home to lions, monkeys (which may damage your car), zebra, camels and numerous other animals. With fairground rides dotted about, birds shows and other scheduled displays, there's easily enough to keep you occupied for the large part of a day here.

[Curious camel]

Location & info

📌 Blair Drummond Safari Park ★★★★
By the A84 3 mi south of Doune, G.R.: NS 734985 ///bossy.troll.cheetahs
🚌 Bus stops at park entrance (0.5 mi) | 🚗 Car park
Open daily, late March to approx. late October - booking compulsory in 2021 | £16.50 adult / £13.50 child

[Elephant near the park exit]


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