Flanders Moss NNR

Stirling | Thornhill | Nature reserve | ★★★

[Lizards should be easy to spot along the paths on warm, sunny days]

A trip to the country's largest peat bog might seem like something out of a Scot's worst nightmare. But add in well-surfaced paths and interesting wildlife and Flanders Moss becomes a much more appealing destination. Adders and lizards use the warm boardwalks to bask in the sunshine on bright days, the reserve is an osprey breeding site, and raised bog extending in all directions supports a number of threatened insect species.

[Grasshopper on one of the heather outcrops in the bog]

Location & info

📌 Flanders Moss NNR ★★★
Off the B822 2 mi south of Thornhill, G.R.: NS 648978 ///returns.palm.hides
Always open | Free

[Spider at the top of the nature reserve's viewing tower]


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