St Andrews Aquarium

Fife | St Andrews | Aquarium | ★★★★

[The seal pool at St Andrews Aquarium]

What do you think of when somebody mentions St Andrews? A historic university town? The home of golf? Probably not its excellent aquarium, housed in unpromising coastal buildings north of the town centre. The display areas are bigger on the inside than they appear from the outside, with seals, penguins, reptiles and meerkats just some of the larger additions as well as dozens of pools and tanks for various fish. All-in-all, an excellent option for the sort of day when staying outdoors would make you as wet as the creatures indoors.

[American alligators]

Location & info

📌 St Andrews Aquarium ★★★★
The Scores, 5-min walk northwest of St Andrews town centre, G.R.: NO 507171 ///otters.directive.inflates
Open daily | £11 adult / £8.50 child (2019)

[Humboldt Penguins]


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