Walk: Traprain Law - volcano of the Votadini

East Lothian | East Linton | Short walk | ★★★

[Traprain Law]

Traprain Law is a volcanic laccolith that juts prominently out of East Lothian countryside above Hailes Castle and the River Tyne. Rising magma once pushed the rocks above into their characteristic dome shape, particularly prominent from the eastern side. The Votadini tribe created a hillfort capital here in the first century AD, building on ground previously occupied by Bronze Age dwellers. Most hill fort summits have great views: here, Berwick Law dominates the northern panorama with the Lammermuir Hills laid out to the south.

[Looking north towards Berwick Law (left) and Bass Rock (right) from the summit]

Location & info

📌 Walk: Traprain Law - volcano of the Votadini ★★★
Start / finish on minor road 2 mi south of East Linton, G.R.: NT 582750 ///notch.asteroid.recapture
❌ No public transport within 1 mi | 🚗 Layby

▶ 2 km / 1 mi | ▲ 100 m | ⌚ Short
Features: △ Traprain Law (221 m)
Moderate | Steep, grassy ascent on clear path; fainter, steeper and occasionally rocky descent (care & grippy footwear needed if ground is wet) followed by short section of track and road.

Route: Start - Traprain Law via main path - descend east ridge alongside fence - tracks to road - start

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On our visit

Wildlife: Not much.
Weather: Mostly sunny with a short, sharp shower on the descent.

[The east ridge is steeper than it looks here - stay on the right side when descending to avoid the quarry on the left]


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