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[Carradale harbour]

Most visitors to Kintyre arrive by the A83 along the west side of the peninsula. In doing so, they miss out on the underrated eastern coastline - truly off the beaten track and accessed by a particularly tortuous B-road. Carradale is the only sizeable village in this remote area, set on a rare patch of flat ground with miles of single-track road to the north and fierce hairpins to the south. The Isle of Arran's Pirnmill Hills dominate the view from the rusty harbour, while the wooded slopes of Cnoc nan Gabhar rise up on the settlement's inland side, offering good walking possibilities.

[Isle of Arran from Cnoc nan Gabhar]

Location & info

📌 Carradale ★★
Argyll & Bute, G.R.: NR 819387 ///remarked.sand.proved

🚶 The walk up Cnoc nan Gabhar starts an easy half-mile walk from the harbour, with the village centre in between.
🚌 Carradale is served by infrequent buses from Campbeltown.

See & do (<1 mi away)

>> Walk: Cnoc nan Gabhar - Carradale Circular ★★★★

Nearby (1-5 mi away)

📌 Saddell Abbey ★★
💬 Very ruined abbey church, notable for intricately carved stones housed in a separate shelter.
By the B842 at Saddell, 5 mi south of Carradale, G.R.: NR 786321 ///also.wonderfully.conspired
Always open | Free

[Carradale from Cnoc nan Gabhar]


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