Kildonan Dun

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[Kildonan Dun]

This 2,000 year-old stone construction overlooks Kilbrannan Sound approximately midway between Campbeltown and Carradale in eastern Kintyre. Duns like these were fortified farmsteads - ancient residences at the heart of a farming community; while there are similar duns less than a mile away to the north and south at Ugadale Point and Kildonald Point, this one has the benefit of a half-decent approach path (though bracken can encroach in high summer) and the nearby road. The ocean on the eastern side provided good lines of sight and a natural defence against marauders, and even today the views towards Arran and Ailsa Craig are superb - our pictures were taken just as the late autumn sun set behind the hills to the west. Remains of staircases within double walls are reminiscent of brochs (which confusingly are sometimes also named as duns), but this was probably a smaller, lower design.

[Isle of Arran from the dun]

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📌 Kildonan Dun ★★★
By the B842 2 mi north of Peninver, G.R.: NR 780278 ///gaps.defenders.prowess
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[Ailsa Craig from the dun]


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