Mull of Kintyre

Argyll & Bute | Southend | Headland / viewpoint | ★★★

[Mull of Kintyre]

Campbeltown is as far south as many people are prepared to go when they visit Kintyre. But since you've made all the effort to get here, it's worth continuing beyond the end of the A83, south on the B842 and then ever-narrowing roads towards the far southwestern tip of the peninsula. The windy road climbs steeply into increasingly remote country, before levelling off as it passes between two low hills at "The Gap". Abruptly a small parking area signals the end of the public road - beyond is the Mull of Kintyre coast and lighthouse. Immortalised in song by Paul McCartney, this Scottish Lands End is one of the country's best places from which to watch the sun set. Northern Ireland is only 12 miles away at its closest point, and seems even closer on a clear day. To get the best views you'll need to proceed on foot beyond the car park on disintegrating tarmac. Be warned: if you go the full distance to the lighthouse, it's a long way back up!

[Mull of Kintyre]

Location & info

📌 Mull of Kintyre ★★★
Beyond minor road end 8 mi west of Southend. Car park is at G.R. NR 598082 ///interests.submerge.swan
Always open | Free

💬 The lighthouse itself is a mile's downhill walk from the car park on tarmac (with the same distance and 300 m of steep ascent to return).

["The Gap" on the way to Mull of Kintyre]


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