Southend (Kintyre)

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[St Columba's footprints]

Aptly-named Southend sits at the, well, south end of the Kintyre peninsula, about 10 miles from Campbeltown. The Kintyre Way passes through the quiet village - where southbound walkers are only a day's walk from the finish at Machrihanish, ironically northwest of this point. Hopefully trail vision won't stop them from exploring the interesting nooks and crannies of this section of coastline, which includes a sweeping, sandy beach and some interesting caves, and a smattering of sights relating to St Columba, who later established the famous monastery on Iona.

[St Columba's Well]

📌 St Columba's footprints; St Columba's well
Description: Footprints carved into rock, possibly dating back to the year of St Columba's arrival on Kintyre in 563AD; the well has similar possible historic links.
Location: Minor road a mile west of Southend, G.R.: NR 673078 ///hours.congested.hero
Anything else? Space for one car only; head right (east) on short path to footprints, with well soon after.

📌 Dunaverty Bay
Description: Unspoilt, sandy bay with intricate rocky headland on the eastern side.
Location: Off minor road just west of Southend, G.R.: NR 683079 ///kilt.alongside.offerings

📌 Keil Caves
Description: Several largish caves in the cliff-face, just west of the layby, inhabited intermittently since prehistoric times until as recently as the late 19th century.
LocationMinor road a mile west of Southend, G.R.: NR 672077 ///leaps.binds.mount
Anything else? Space for one car only; caves should be obvious to the left (west).

[One of the Keil Caves]


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