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[Balfarg Henge, Glenrothes]

Glenrothes is Fife's third largest settlement, a new town built after the Second World War to help with housing demand around Edinburgh. Almost all its shops are housed in the Kingdom Shopping Centre, a useful but labyrinthal complex reminiscent of an airport terminal. It doesn't sound promising, but in Scotland history is never far away. The residential suburb of Balbarg has a 65 metres across, 6,000 year old henge and parts of a stone circle at its centre. There's a further stone circle just across the A92 which is a mere 4,000 years old.

[Robin on one of Balbirnie Stone Circle's stones]

Location & info

📌 Balbirnie Stone Circle
Next to the northern access road (Tofthill) for Balbirnie House Hotel, 400 m east of Balfarg suburb but on the other side of the A92, G.R.: NO 286030 ///beginning.miles.lonely
Always open | Free

💬 Nearest parking for Balbirnie Stone Circle is just to the south by houses - walk back to the circle along the minor road.

📌 Balfarg Henge
The Henge, Balfarg suburb, 2 mi north of Glenrothes centre, G.R.: NO 282031 ///herbs.basin.hillsides
Always open | Free

[Balbirnie Stone Circle]


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