Bangour Village Hospital

West Lothian | Dechmont | Abandoned hospital | ★★
⚠ We believe access is no longer possible - let us know

[Bangour Village Hospital spreads over a huge 960 acre site]

Have you ever felt like visiting an vast, abandoned psychiatric hospital? Consider paying a visit to Bangour Village Hospital, which has lain derelict since 2004. Up to over 3,000 patients lived here at any one time, and the site is correspondingly massive; 960 acres takes a long time to explore fully. Everyday items positioned amidst dystopian surroundings are especially striking: rusting bus stops, a huge church, and dozens of derelict villas which used to house patients. Smaller details are equally chilling: faded signposts in NHS hospital fonts, or the scrawling red graffiti on one of the villas: "My mum put me here!" Plans were approved in 2021 to redevelop the site, so the buildings as we know them won't be around for much longer. Access rights do not extend to the buildings' crumbling interiors, and security guards may stop you if you try.

[Genuine or not, this graffiti is chilling enough]

Location & info

📌 Bangour Village Hospital ★★
Off A89 1 mi west of Dechmont, G.R.: NT 031708 ///steer.fussy.films
🚌 Bus stops on A89 by campus entrance | 🚗 Limited parking at campus entrance on A89 at G.R.: NT 033705 ///ground.handicaps.ruins
Always open | Free

[Danger! Keep out!]


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