Dundonald Castle

South Ayrshire | Dundonald | Castle | ★★★

[Dundonald Castle]

This brutal block of a castle dominates Dundonald's skyline. Exuding power even as a ruin, it's difficult to imagine it was ever a particularly comfortable place to stay. Nevertheless, Robert II lived here until his death in 1390. The Laigh Hall is the most impressive part, but don't miss the vertical extremities of the castle - the Great Hall, now open to the elements, and the pit prison, accessed by a vertical ladder from above.

[Laigh Hall]

Location & info

📌 Dundonald Castle ★★★
Winehouse Yett, Dundonald village centre, G.R.: NS 364345 ///analogy.castle.shippers
Open daily | £6 adult / £4 child / free for Historic Environment Scotland members

[Dundonald Castle from the rear]


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