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[St Bridget's Kirk]

St Bridget's Kirk lies hidden away on the coast just to the east of Dalgety Bay. This ruined but still substantial building was built in the 1170s to serve as the parish church for Dalgety: a village of which little now remains. The church survived the Reformation of 1560, being heavily adapted for Protestant use; attendance however seems to have dwindled in the early 19th century as coal mining moved the local population north. Looking at the photo below, you might be wondering why the layout appears unusual for a church. This is because four private burial aisles were added by wealthy families over the centuries, including the structure built for Alexander Seton, 1st Earl of Dunfermline at the west end. Built in the early 1600s, this is grand enough to resemble a house, standing two storeys high with several separate rooms.

Location & info

📌 St Bridget's Kirk ★★
By the coast off Sealstrand, 1 mi east of Dalgety Bay village centre, G.R.: NT 169838 ///boats.locating.grasp
🚌 Moray Way South | 🚗 Street parking on Sealstrand
Always viewable. Interior open April to September | Free

💬 From Sealstrand / Moray Way South it's a 10-min walk (each way) to the church on a slightly muddy coast path.


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