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[Birnam Oak]

This elderly, elegant specimen is a rare and ancient survivor from the once extensive Birnam Wood which used to straddle the River Tay in these parts. The forest is even celebrated in Shakespeare's Macbeth, so it's a bit worrying that one of the last tangible links with this bygone era is at risk of collapse according to a recent news story. For now at least, branches (held up with sticks) continue to grow and you can visit the tree by following the aptly-named Oak Road from Birnam village centre. Well-worded signs help locate the correct trunk - see below.

[River Tay near the oak tree]

Location & info

📌 The Birnam Oak
5-min walk north of Birnam village centre (access from Oak Road), G.R.: NO 032422 ///narrates.form.fakes
Always open | Free

["It's not me - I'm a sycamore..."]


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