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[Birnam Oak]

This elderly, elegant specimen is a rare and ancient survivor from the once extensive Birnam Wood which used to straddle the River Tay in these parts. The forest is even celebrated in Shakespeare's Macbeth, so it's a bit worrying that one of the last tangible links with this bygone era is at risk of collapse according to news reports. For now at least, branches (held up with sticks) continue to grow and you can visit the tree by following the aptly-named Oak Road from Birnam village centre. Well-worded signs help locate the correct trunk - see below.

[River Tay near the oak tree]

Location & info

📌 The Birnam Oak
5-min walk north of Birnam village centre (access from Oak Road), G.R.: NO 032422 ///narrates.form.fakes
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["It's not me - I'm a sycamore..."]


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