Twelve Apostles Stone Circle

Dumfries & Galloway | Newbridge | Stone circle | ★★

[Twelve Apostles Stone Circle]

Venture into a large field sandwiched between a triangle of roads a few miles north of Dumfries, and you can explore mainland Scotland's largest stone circle, at around 250 metres in circumference. The name relates the number of stones in the circle to Jesus Christ's twelve apostles. Only 11 stones remain though, with the removed 12th sometimes associated with Judas Iscariot. A nice story, and this place sure needs it - the sheer size of the circle plus the wide open location means it lacks the atmosphere and certainly the intimacy of smaller stone circles. Unlike in the photos on this page, the best view is probably from the slightly raised, western side of the field, from where it's easier to see the circular layout. Or from an aeroplane!

[Twelve Apostles Stone Circle]

Location & info

📌 Twelve Apostles Stone Circle ★★
Off minor road between Newbridge and the B729 junction, G.R.: NX 947794 ///reshape.asked.shiver
Always open | Free

💬 No dedicated parking area, but the stone circle is signposted from the roadside and there's probably enough space to park up against the verge here if you have a small car. Otherwise there's some space at the B729 junction just to the north.


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