Bay of Tafts

Orkney | Westray | Beach | ★★★

[Crab at Bay of Tafts]

The Bay of Tafts is an unspoiled beach on the west side of Westray, an island not otherwise known for its expanses of sand. On a sunny day (unlike in these photos), the ocean attains tropical hues - water and air temperatures aside, you could be in Barbados. A few rockpools at the southern end add another dimension, and unlike a tropical island resort you'll almost definitely have the place to yourself. Aim for low tide, as the bay is almost entirely submerged at high water.

[Bay of Tafts]

Location & info

📌 Bay of Tafts ★★★
Off B9066 immediately north of Rapness, Westray, G.R.: HY 498416 ///dare.curly.reserves
🚢 Rapness ferry terminal (1 mi) | 🚌 Westray Bus (scheduled in summer, on-demand in winter) will stop on B9066 | 🚗 Limited parking at Rapness Cemetery (signposted from B9066 southbound only!)

[Hermit crab at Bay of Tafts]


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