Argyll & Bute | Lochawe | Underground tour | ★★★

[Cruachan Reservoir]

Argyll's highest hill, Ben Cruachan, hides a big secret. Its lower slopes feature a large reservoir and are criss-crossed by power lines. These are the clues for what lies underground: a huge, hydroelectric "pumped storage" power station opened in the 1960s at a cost of £25 million. Scottish Power have christened it the Hollow Mountain and offer minibus tours deep into the rock, revealing a cavernous turbine hall where falling water is converted into electricity. Photos are prohibited once the bus enters the long access tunnel so a tour is really the only way to see what's inside.

Location & info

📌 Cruachan ★★★
By the A85 3 mi west of Lochawe village, G.R.: NN 078268 ///convert.custard.shipwreck
Open weekdays | Tours cost £7.50 adult / £2.50 child, discount if you arrive by public transport (limited numbers). Visitor centre: free


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