Earl's Palace (Birsay)

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[Earl's Palace, Birsay]

Birsay is located at the northwest tip of Orkney Mainland, attracting history buffs, ornithologists and Viking enthusiasts alike. You can't miss the Earl's Palace as you approach; it dominates the village from the west. This once-opulent, now ruined residence of the tyrannical Robert Stewart dates to the late 1500s. Top Gear fans should detour a little way north to Zanzibar Cottage. This wooden house was the destination when James May and Richard Hammond raced Royal Mail to deliver a letter the length of the UK (and lost).

[Earl's Palace]

Location & info

📌 Earl's Palace (Birsay) ★★★
A966, Birsay village centre, Orkney Mainland, HY 248277 ///closer.kiosk.stables
🚌 Bus to Birsay | 🚗 Verge parking
Always open | Free

[Zanzibar Cottage]


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