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[Fountain in Kelvingrove Park]

The River Clyde is Glasgow's major river, but the city's West End is home to the rushing River Kelvin, which meets the Clyde by The Tall Ship and Riverside Museum. Upstream of the confluence and bisected by the river lies Kelvingrove Park, one of Glasgow's largest and leafiest parks. Partially designed by the famous gardener Sir Joseph Paxton on behalf of the council, it was intended as a escape for Victorian city dwellers – a purpose it still serves today. Orientate yourself using one of the map boards; several grand statues, a memorial fountains and an ornamental pond are all worth visiting, as well as the unmissable, grand Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum at its western fringe.

[Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum (8/10/16)]

Location & info

📌 Kelvingrove Park ★★★
Off Kelvin Way, Kelvingrove, 1 mi west of George Square, Glasgow, G.R.: NS 572662 ///darker.much.froth
Always open | Free

>> Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum ★★★★

[Kelvingrove Park]


  1. That's an impressive looking organ for not being housed in a church. And, a very cool idea to offer organ recitals during lunch.

    1. Indeed, Brendan! In fact, I think it's the only place in the UK that still hosts daily organ recitals.


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