Laidhay Croft Museum

[Longhouse at Laidhay Croft Museum]

This thatched, whitewashed longhouse is unmistakable, next to the A9 and worth a stop-off on the road to the Far North between Dunbeath and Latheronwheel. The building dates from about 200 years ago, typical of the croft dwellings or farmhouses from the period. Crammed into the interior are thousands of historical objects, ranging from farming equipment and vehicles, to kitchen appliances, to antique cameras housed in a separate carriage shed. Useful tearoom and toilets too...

[Inside the longhouse]

📌 Laidhay Croft Museum ☆☆☆
Location: A9 between Dunbeath and Latheronwheel, G.R.: ND 174305 ///neat.trend.underline
Open (2019): Daily, mid April to September
Cost (2019): £3 (adults), £1 (children)

[Inside the longhouse]


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