Loch Awe

Argyll & Bute | Loch | ★★★

[Loch Awe from the southern slopes of Ben Cruachan]

Loch Awe is Scotland's longest freshwater loch, stretching 41 km through sparsely-populated terrain. The busier northern end boasts three buildings which are each some of the most impressive in their respective fields. Tours by minibus take you deep underneath the peak of Ben Cruachan (the "Hollow Mountain") to reveal Cruachan Power Station: a cavernous turbine hall converting falling water into electricity. Meanwhile, the huge but tranquil hideaway of St Conan's Kirk is just down the road, while Kilchurn Castle guards the east end of the loch; both were built by the powerful Campbell clan. As for the rest of Loch Awe - it's an oddly elusive place. Despite having a road around almost its entire shoreline there are no large settlements and no major tourist sites except Kilchurn Castle. If you're looking to "get away from it all", you could do much worse. Easiest access to the shore is by the A85 or A819, but there are better views from the B840 down the east bank.

[Loch Awe & Kilchurn Castle (26/5/17)]

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📌 Loch Awe ★★★
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[Distant view of the loch from Ben Lui (8/5/17)]


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