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[Noltland Castle]

Pierowall is the capital of Westray, and has all the amenities you'd expect for an island of its size. Like a shop. This is Scotland though, so add a substantial ruined castle, old kirk, a reputation for crab, seals on the shore and the seabird colony at Noup Head into the mix and you have most of the ingredients for a day out. The shortest scheduled flight in the world departs for Papa Westray from near here - the entire journey takes under two minutes. Back on land, Noltland Castle is an austere, substantial 16th century tower house ruins, well defended by 71 gun holes. Contrast this with Pierowall old church: a simple 17th century ruin, containing ornately carved grave slabs housed in a glass case.

[Looking over the Bay of Pierowall towards Gill Pier]

Location & info

📌 Noltland Castle ★★★
By minor road, 15-min walk west of Pierowall village centre, Westray, G.R.: HY 429487 ///trailing.emulated.builder
Open daily | Free

📌 Pierowall Church
By the B9066 5-min walk north of Pierowall village centre, Westray, G.R.: HY 440488 ///deliver.albatross.relaxed
Always open | Free

Nearby (1-3 mi away)

>> Walk: Noup Head - Westray's seabird city ★★★★ (2 mi ←)

[Grave slabs in Pierowall Church]

[Coastal scenery on the Noup Head walk]


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