North Lanarkshire | Coatbridge | Outdoor musuem | ★★★★


Glasgow and its surrounding council areas have a heavily industrial past - North Lanarkshire's was closely linked to coal and iron ore. Coatbridge was once described as the industrial heartland of Scotland, and it's therefore a fitting location for the Museum of Scottish Industrial Life, also called Summerlee. With a huge exhibition hall, reconstructed coal mine, rows of refitted miners' cottages, various large pieces of machinery dotted around the place and a canal running through the middle, you could easily spend several hours here. Working trams help you get around the site - a tribute to the days when you could travel all the way from Coatbridge to Paisley on various interlinking tram networks.

[Summerlee reconstructed coal mine]

Location & info

📌 Summerlee (Museum of Scottish Industrial Life) ★★★★
Heritage Way, half a mile northwest of Coatbridge town centre, G.R.: NS 729655 ///fumes.flies.stars
Open daily | Free, but small charge for (optional) all-day tram ticket

[Engine in the main exhibition hall]


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