Wideford Hill

Orkney Mainland | Kirkwall | Summit & chambered cairn | ★★★

[Dark clouds over Wideford Hill, seen from Highland Park distillery (photo from a few days later)]

Wideford Hill is one of the highest points on Orkney Mainland, providing great views of Shapinsay, Kirkwall and much of the surrounding countryside. Unusually, the top is directly accessible by a steep, narrow road, owing to the masts that scar the summit area. Touching the trig point hardly requires getting out of the car, but visiting the impressive chambered cairn on the hill's western flanks involves a little more effort.

[Wideford Hill chambered cairn]

Location & info

📌 Wideford Hill ★★★ (225 m, sub-2000')
Minor road end 3 mi west of Kirkwall, Orkney Mainland, G.R.: HY 412116 ///twisty.daunted.formal
🚌 Infrequent bus stops on Old Finstown Road (1 mi) | 🚗 Car park
Always open | Free

📌 Wideford Hill Chambered Cairn ★★★
About 500 m north of Wideford Hill summit, Orkney Mainland, G.R.: HY 419121 ///snapped.field.challenge
❌ No public transport within 1 mi. Infrequent bus stops on Old Finstown Road (1.5 mi) | 🚗 Layby on hairpin bend at G.R.: HY 411114 ///eradicate.valid.marsh
Always open | Free

💬 From the layby it's a 15-min (each way) downhill walk to the cairn on a steep path. Entering the cairn involves descending a vertical ladder; reaching the side chambers requires a crawl. Torch essential - though one had been provided on our visit.

[Kirkwall from Wideford Hill summit]


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