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One of the more popular stopoffs on the Trotternish tourist trail, Duntulm Castle scores full marks in the "how not to manage a historic property" competition. Perched spectacularly on a rocky headland, the castle ruins are surrounded by a broken fence and Keep Out! signs. You can't see much from behind the fence; anyone venturing beyond (as most people seem to), needs to watch out for sheer drops, unstable masonry and nettles, while trying to ignore the litter problem. The castle was originally several storeys high, but its progressive collapse into the sea will continue unless sea defences are constructed. There's some interesting local history (search online - there's scant information at the site itself) and the wider coastal setting on the Hunish peninsula is worth a visit alone, but don't come expecting another Eilean Donan.

[View south along the coast from the castle]

Location & info

📌 Duntulm Castle ★★
Off the A855 at Duntulm, Skye, G.R.: NG 410743 ///overgrown.porridge.funnels
Always open | Free

💬 From the layby at G.R.: NG 411741 ///alone.hindering.shed it's a straightforward 5-min walk to the castle on a grass / mud path. There are no facilities and the layby commonly fills up around the middle of the day as part of the daily tourist flow around Trotternish.

[Signs restrict access to the castle - but views are limited from here]


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