Parallel Roads of Glen Roy

Highland | Roybridge | Glacial feature | ★★

[The Parallel Roads are the horizontal lines stretching across the middle of the photo]

The Parallel Roads are one of the most visible, unusual reminders of Scotland's glacial past. Appearing as horizontal tracks following the contours of upper Glen Roy, they're actually the shorelines of an ancient loch, dammed by a glacier at the foot of the glen about 10,000 years ago. The glacier is of course long gone, and hence the loch too. The terraces were left behind, eroded by wave action at three different heights - the level of the loch varied in response to changes in glacier level. The "roads" are most conveniently seen from a signposted viewpoint on the narrow road up the glen (though they continue for miles around the hillside), and appear clearest during spring before summer vegetation has sprung up.

[Wider view from the car park]

Location & info

📌 Parallel Roads of Glen Roy ★★
Main viewpoint is at car park on minor road 3 mi north of Roybridge, G.R.: NN 298853 ///manage.recital.stood
Always open | Free


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