St Magnus Cathedral

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[St Magnus Cathedral]

Kirkwall isn't a huge place by global standards, but its decent collection of grand buildings illustrate its critical importance to Orcadian life, both now and in the past. Chief amongst these is St Magnus Cathedral, its mighty sandstone walls dominating the skyline in the centre of town. Large parts of the building date to 1137 and appear to have survived the subsequent centuries (and the Reformation) well, though technically it's no longer a cathedral. Try to time your visit in between the seemingly endless conveyor belt of summer weddings in order to explore the beautiful interior, which somehow feels impressively large and pleasingly intimate at the same time.


Location & info

📌 St Magnus Cathedral ★★★★
Broad Street, Kirkwall town centre, Orkney Mainland, G.R.: HY 449108 ///scratches.tinted.dawn
Daily, April to September; Monday to Saturday, October to March | Free

[View down the nave]


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