Carrick Forest Drive

Dumfries & Galloway | Loch Doon | Scenic road | ★★

[Loch Gower, midway along the route]

This 10 kilometre driving route allows visitors to explore an otherwise remote part of Galloway Forest Park between Loch Doon and the outflow for Loch Bradan, making use of private logging tracks owned by Forestry and Land Scotland. Care needs to be taken with the potholes: we found it OK in a normal vehicle but it's probably inadvisable for those with low ground clearance. If you're used to dramatic hill walks to Munro summits, you may be a little disappointed; if not, the expanses of brooding forest broken up by quiet lochs, all from the comfort of your car, may be just the ticket. Which you buy (before or after depending on your direction of travel) from the Roundhouse Cafe at the north end of Loch Doon. Also check out the similar Raiders' Road Forest Drive elsewhere in the park if this is the sort of thing that floats your boat.

[The viewpoint for Loch Riecawr on the Forest Drive also has a small adventure playground]

📌 Carrick Forest Drive 
Location (east entrance): Minor road end, southwest bank of Loch Doon, G.R.: NX 482945 ///intention.summer.suspended
Anything else? The public road east from Stinchar Bridge, which might otherwise be a possible access point for (or escape route from!) the rough forest drive, is littered with serious potholes. Impassable for normal cars in its 2015 state - we speak from experience.

▶ 10 km / 6 miles
Type of road: Gravel track with some potholes / ruts - unsuitable for vehicles with low ground clearance
Open (2019): Daily, early May to October
Cost (2019): £2 per car - pay at Roundhouse Cafe on Loch Doon

[Carrick Lane burn, towards the eastern end of the route]


  1. Took drive up yesterday, 12/4/19, good easy going until you get to end of loch Doon, the forestry road is the roughest road I have ever encountered, they have tried to resurface it with what looks like clay, looks like the trucks have ploughed along it and produced ruts a foot deep, you have to drive on top of rut or lose your sump. Got as far as loch Gower, usually a 5min drive takes 15-20 min.
    Road need skimmed and packed.
    Even the 4 wheel drives were down to 5-10mph.

    1. Thanks for the update. That's a bit annoying - hope the Forestry Commission get around to fixing it soon.


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