Loch Katrine

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[Loch Katrine - view from Trossachs Pier]

Loch Katrine is at the heart of the claim that the Trossachs are Scotland's answer to the English Lake District. Roughly 8 miles long with about a dozen tiny islands, the loch is accessed for most from Aberfoyle, via the winding Duke's Pass followed by the insignificant Pass of Trossachs. This is a stunningly beautiful corner of the National Park - even just about worth the hefty parking tariffs! The SS Sir Walter Scott and Lady of the Lake connect touristy Trossachs Pier at the eastern end to quieter Stronachlachar on the west side: return trips are available, but cycling back along the northern shore is a great alternative. It doesn't sound so romantic after pointing out that the loch is actually a artificially-raised reservoir providing most of Glasgow's water supply, but the dam is hidden away on an isolated creek so you'd never otherwise guess. Sorry for spoiling things!

[Loch Katrine]

📌 Loch Katrine ★★★★
Trossachs, Stirling, G.R.: NN 441096 ///fewer.brave.circle

💬 Car parks are at Trossachs Pier (on a spur of the A821) in the east and Stronachlachar further west (off the B829). Parking at Trossachs Pier is particularly expensive for rural Scotland, but there are few nearby alternatives.

>> Bike: Leafy Loch Katrine ★★★★
>> The Loch Katrine Experience ★★★★

[Loch Katrine from the northeastern bank]


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