Loup of Fintry

Stirling | Fintry | Waterfall | ★★★★

[Loup of Fintry from the approach path (note people for scale)]

Winding through gently scenic nowhere land between the Campsie Fells and Fintry Hills, the Endrick Water unexpectedly takes an almighty 94-foot plunge into a side-on gorge. This is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the Scottish Lowlands (although Corra Linn and Grey Mare's Tail both come close), so why it's not better known is something of a mystery. Perhaps it's because the Carron Valley Reservoir upstream blocks much of the burn's catchment area, so waiting until after a period of local heavy rain is even more important than with other waterfalls. Nevertheless, this awesome cataract should be right at the top of your list.

[View from the top of the waterfall - only the top plunge out of four is visible here!]

📌 Loup of Fintry ★★
Location: B818 a mile east of Carron Valley Reservoir dam, G.R.: NS 662862 ///breezy.operation.survived
Anything else? There are informal laybys on both sides of the road near Gallows Knowe with space for about 5 cars in total. Follow the signposted, muddy footpath about 300 metres to the top of the waterfall, with good views of the cascade on the way.

[Fintry Hills from the approach path]


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