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Falkirk | Forth & Clyde Canal / Union Canal | Boatlift | ★★★

[Falkirk Wheel]

Unique in Scotland, and indeed the world, the Falkirk Wheel is a magnificent piece of engineering - all £17.5 million of it. The rotating boatlift replaced several locks linking the two Central Belt canals at Falkirk, and was constructed as part of the Millenium Link which helped to reopen both waterways to traffic in 2002. It's undeniably impressive, but we're not quite so convinced about the visitor experience. The fancy visitor centre is mostly just a big shop and lacks interpretation space, while boat trips up and down the Wheel are a bit pricey. Better views of the gigantic structure are actually gained exploring the site on foot - for free.

[View from the top]

Location & info

📌 Falkirk Wheel ★★★
Millennium Wheel Drive, 2 mi west of Falkirk town centre, G.R.: NS 853802 ///included.summit.arose
Boat trips generally run a few times daily, but some winter closures - check website. Rest of site: always open | Boat trip: £9.95+ adult / £6.95+ child depending on trip type. Rest of site: free

[Falkirk Wheel in action, lifting one of the tour boats from the Forth & Clyde Canal to the Union Canal]


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