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[New Lanark]

The historical importance of New Lanark can hardly be overestimated. Visiting the area today, you could almost be fooled into thinking the 18th century mill village has hardly changed. In reality, this industrial centre on the banks of the Clyde has made the long journey from thriving business, to the brink of demolition, to World Heritage Site in its eventful lifetime. Subsequent restoration has transformed the area into a major tourist attraction, with working machinery, Annie McLeod Experience Ride, reconstructed village stores from different centuries, restored classrooms and more. With so much to do indoors and the nearby Falls of Clyde best after rainfall, put this on your list for a wet weather day - allow a few hours for the ticketed parts alone.

[Turbines (21/2/16)]

Location & info

📌 New Lanark ★★★★
New Lanark Road, 1 mi south of Lanark, G.R.: NS 881425 ///landowner.walked.lookout
🚌 Bus to New Lanark |🚆 Lanark (1 mi steeply uphill) | 🚗 Car park
Open daily | £13.95 adult / £9.95 child for full area ticket

[Working textile machinery (21/2/16)]


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