Royal Yacht Britannia

City of Edinburgh | Leith | Ship | ★★★★

[Royal Yacht Britannia]

The Royal Yacht Britannia was Queen Elizabeth II's official ship until 1997. She was launched on the west coast of Scotland in 1953 and now sits retired on the east coast at the Port of Leith, having visited 135 countries over 44 years' service. A content-rich exhibition precedes a tour of the actual ship, including both the royal quarters and the staff areas below decks. Access is, weirdly, from the top floor of Ocean Terminal shopping centre, so it's easy to combine with a shopping trip, cinema visit or meal out - a good (though expensive) option for a wet day.

[Grand dining room]

Location & info

📌 Royal Yacht Britannia ★★★★
Access from within Ocean Terminal shopping centre, half a mile northwest of Leith town centre, G.R.: NT 266773 ///
Open daily | £17 adult / £8.75 child

[Engine room]


[Breakfast is served]

[View from the deck]

[Royal car, stored on the yacht!]


[Drawing Room]

[Sick bay]

[Smaller vessel]

[Free viewpoint at the north corner of Ocean Terminal (12/2/18)]


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